Mark Templin on Improving US Lexus Dealerships

Lexus General Manager Mark Templin

In a presentation at the Automotive News World Congress, Lexus General Manager Mark Templin outlined the automaker’s plans to enhance their US dealerships even further:

” We’re trying to create a feeling in our car dealerships more of a luxury hotel than a car dealership,” Templin said after his presentation.

The dealerships also want to have creature comforts so that buyers and prospective buyers can ” hang out” if they like, Templin said.

Almost all stores have a price menu for repairs and maintenance so customers can feel assured they’re paying the same as everybody else for service, Templin said.

This is a smart move by Lexus, the differences between luxury vehicles is getting smaller and smaller, and improving upon already exemplary customer service is a great way to differentiate from the competition. This is going to be a common path for all car companies in the very near future, luxury models or otherwise.

It’s also important to note that dealerships are responsible for their own upgrades, and in the last three years have spent over $1 billion on improving their facilities. There is a financial benefit to the spending, though, as that reinvestment means the dealership can request more vehicles from Lexus.

Having only visited one Lexus dealership in the United States, I ask my American readers: Are these price menus prominently displayed, and what types of options are listed? There’s something similar at my local dealer here in Canada, but it only covers oil changes and tire rotations, the smaller services.



  1. Hello Mr Templin

    My husband bought a Lexus 430LS a year ago and after many years of mercedes, audi etc. was absolutely delighted with it. He claimed it was the most comfortable and reliable car he has ever driven. As he is a chauffeur driver the car gets a lot of use. He found that the car was pulling to the left and there was a banging noise on the left. He went to Dennis Mahony Motors in Kilbarrack, Dublin , Ireland assuming they could fix it. He was told that the air suspension shocks were gone and had them replaced at a cost of €2300. When he left the garage he noticed that the car was still pulling to the left and phoned the garage again to be told that the car would have to be balanced and aligned but that they did not have the equipment to do it. (Amazing !) He had to go to another garage for that. More money. The car is worse now than it ever was and he brought it back to Dennis Mahony. They now say that there is nothing wrong with it despite the fact that it is banging like a tractor and wearing the tyres. They said that he is completely safe to drive it as it is. As my husband carries passengers, leaving aside the banging and pulling, he cannot afford to risk their safety.

    We are pulling our hair out as this is our livelihood and we are going around in circles. Please help

  2. Hello Denise,

    Unfortunately, I am not affiliated with Lexus, this is just a daily news site. I would suggest contacting Lexus through their Irish website.

    Best of luck!

  3. They may be making people fee more at home, but their stonewalling owners on the Override issue makes it feel like a dysfunctional home! 

    Seriously, what good is ambiance in the dealership if Lexus won’t listen to owners about operation of the car?  Visit and see comments from hopping-mad Lexus owners.

  4. I wish to write to Mar Templin, Group VP & General Manager US Lexus Division.  Can you provide me with his corporate address?

  5. @Anon: I’ve sent you an email.

  6. i would like Mr. Templin’s address too and I would give him my 2007 rx 350 back so he could drive his wife and child in the car to experience the illness that we have felt from the excess cosmoline (a toxic chemical) that heats up and comes into the car through the vents. Lexus made one attempt to wipe it off with brake cleaner and since has done nothing to fix the problem.It did not fix the problem. The dealers and lexus have been rude to us. We continue to get sick and have parked this brand new car and cannot drive it. We were told the chemical is harmful. we thought it was a rare problem until we pulled up a lexus forum with many people sick from this car. Some dealers gave people new cars and replaced the tainted parts but lexus corporate got involved in our situation and would not let the one dealer who wanted to help us do anything to fix the problem .The dealer we bought it from did nothing.
    I am a loyal lexus owner. I have another lexus and owned two toyotas. Everyone of my family and extended family owns a lexus or a toyota but no more!The better business bureau tried to get lexus to fix our car to no avail. this is a known problem. So maybe do a story on this toxic problem and the refusal of Lexus to fix the problem. I also bought the 7 year warranty but to no avail.
    forward to Mr. Templin please.

  7. christine tranchina

    I would like to praise one of your Lexus dealers, Ray Catena Lexus of Freehold, NJ, who employes Richard Majewski. On Friday, Aug. 22, on a planned trip to Toronto my 2001 Lexus broke down on the New York State Thruway near Rochester, NY. It had only been serviced days earlier at the Oakhurst sevice facility when I became concerned about the transmission slipping. As luck and lots of prayers would have it, we were fortunate enough to find a tow truck waiting and had to be towed to the Lexus dealership in Rochester. On Monday morning when the service manager at the Rochester Lexus called the only options other than spending over $1500.00 for a tow back to NJ, was to repair the transmision there, trade it in and buy a new Lexus from them.  Stressed and confused and unable to make a decision as to what to do, I called Rich at his new Freehold office.  Rich had sold me the car (my second Lexus) from the Oakhurst, NJ showroom three years earlier and so impressed me with his warm, attentive and professional service that he came to mind when I thought I might be buying a new Lexus.  Immediately, Rich heard my distress and was able to put my concerns at ease by taking charge of the situation, advising me to come home and that he would handle the rest!  What a relief and what unbelievable service, going well beyound the call of duty.  Subsequently, I decided to trade in the old Lexus which Rich had arranged to be towed back to Lexus Oakhurst Service, for a newer model, all with Rich’s constant and valuable help.  He was extraordinary in his time, commitment and professionalism to my special situation and guided me each step of the way.  Rich Majewski is the Man of The Hour and could and should give lessons and training to other sales personnel in the human and professional approach he is able to give to customers.  Bravo, Richard, Outstanding Service!

  8. I wish to write to Mark Templin, Group VP & General Manager US Lexus Division. Can you provide me with his corporate address?

    I have a 2001 FWD RX2001. It was not purchased at Lexus but still had a 50K Lexus warranty when I purchased it. After it was purchased, I took it to my local Lexus dealer to have it inspected. I was told everything was good with the car.

    Around 85K, my transmission went out! I have had 2 previous Toyotas that were sold with 200K and never had a transmission go out or any transmission problems.

    My car was towed to my local car service center. After this center called the transmission place that they send their transmissions to, they informed them that they have seen a lot of these transmissions from this type of car failing around 80K – 110K. This is unheard of from typically any Toyota/Lexus. They told me I should call Lexus customer service and see if they could help me.

    After 2 weeks of dealing with the Customer Service people, sending them my maintenance records (no, I didn't have my car serviced at Lexus), being without a vehicle for 2 weeks, having my car towed to Lexus dealer to have them run a diagnostic test ($125), they finally offered me 20% off the price of a transmission at Lexus. I informed them that 20% off Lexus price wasn't a great "good will" since Lexus was charging twice that of the local transmission shop. I informed them if they would give me 50% off, I would have it serviced at Lexus. Yes, I know my warranty was out at 50K but if I knew I needed an extended warranty from a Lexus, I would not have purchased the car! I bought a high-end car for safety and longevity. I had this with my other cars but not with this one!

    Four days after my car was towed from the local Lexus dealer to the local transmission shop, the local Lexus service writer called me and told me they would offer 50% off good will. Where exactly do they think my car has been for 4 days? I informed them the day it was leaving what was going on. Did they try to make me feel bad and try to make their faulty transmission look like not such a bad thing by keeping someone's car for 2 ½ weeks and then charging them $2000 for fixing something in "good will" that should have been recalled?

    Yes, in 2 weeks, I had plenty of time to research the fact that many people are going through the same thing as myself. Why wouldn't Lexus recall this faulty transmission…oh, I guess it would cost too much money. Who cares about all the loyal customers. The economy isn't that great, I think they should be thinking about how to keep loyalty than throwing it out the window!

  9. I would like to tell Mr. Mark Templin about vibrations at idle in GS350 AWD Lexuses.
    And the way the dealerships conduct themselfs.

    Would you provide his address to me also?

    Thanks in advance.

  10. I can say that I’ve had many problems with Lexus before, and it’s getting worse as years go by.

    First thing, there’s the fact that in addition to Lexus’ great service, there’s their notorious charges that are ridiculously high. (obviously a way for the dealers to earn some money)

    Second thing is that when there are small but sometimes important problems with my vehicles, the dealers usually wouldn’t acknowledge the problem, whether that may be directly or indirectly.
    - I’ve had problems with the steering column many times…and sometimes, the nav.
    - I hate it when a manager suddenly appears and fixes the problem without any hassle after arguing with an employee for hours.
    - The back light for my clock and outside temp display went out while the climate controls seem to be fine, and the dealer says that since it was connected to the nav, I would have to pay for the entire fee of fixing the nav itself!!!

    There were a hell lot of other things I wanted to complain about, but right now, I’m just so furious that I just don’t know how to type them all out…
    I rarely complain because it’s hard to find a group of Lexus owners to back me up in some way.…to add one more, I hate it when the dealer gives my car a “supposed” free car wash but end up with a car that looks as if it was covered with dust and that it had just rained.

    The thing is that I’ve had many problems with the dealer and my cars (esp. the LX and my friends’ “strictly” Toyota-based models).  Things seem to get worse, and it just seems like Lexus is starting to get lazy and beginning to forget about what its company was known for. I can say more, but all of a sudden, I’ve forgotten everything again.

    sigh…honestly, sometimes I ask myself, “What is so special about a Lexus? Maybe my friends are right, the Merc badge really is worth it”
    In the end, the only thing I enjoy in my cars are the Mark Levinson audio system (LX) and the A/C. Even the engine’s awkward responses make me feel unsafe sometimes. Maybe the audio system and A/C is really all I need to be grateful for…but as a conservative man, I feel like I’ve wasted my money. (which is also the reason why I’ve been hesitant and had not contacted the Lexus dealers that responded to my LF-A search) - Thanks for your time, Krew, btw.

  11. lol…it’s time that the truth has been revealed to the world from the very owners of Lexus.

  12. Hello Alexander,

    I am not affiliated with Lexus, this is just a daily news site. If you would like to contact Mr. Templin, I suggest contacting Lexus through their website.

    Best of luck!

  13. It has to be said that every dealership is different—and it also stands to reason that in your area, the Mercedes dealership could be better than the Lexus dealership.

    I do know that Lexus as a whole is experimenting with more and more customer interaction, in fact, a major component of the new RX update was formed through customer feedback.

    (I wish I could get in on those meetings!)

  14. lol…my dealer is Longo Lexus. I don’t think anyone would’ve expected complaints about them.

  15. Lexus needs to concentrate on the people that staff their dealerships, our local Bridgewater, NJ dealer is staffed with individuals that resonate age old stereotypes of used car salesman. New or used you are lied to and given the bum’s rush. We can only hope the current economic downturn will eliminate dealers like this from Lexus’ dealer portfolio. They do not do justice to the product they sell, and they certainly are not respectful of their customer base. Fortunately we have many other alternatives and do not have to endure the unprofessional staff of our local dealer.

  16. I would like Mr. Templin's address too and I would return my oil gel sludge RX300.  My car is completely dead due and I’ve been waiting for almost six months to hear what Lexus is going to do about the problem.  Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


  17. Hi:
    I would appreciate it if I could get Mr Templins’ email address so that I might pass to him directly my current experiences with my Lexus GS 350.
    Thank you for your attention.
    Andrew Tepper

  18. If you would like to contact Mr. Templin, I suggest contacting Lexus through their website.

    Best of luck!

  19. 19001 South Western Avenue
    Torrance, CA 90501

  20. Yes, I would definitely want Mr templin’s addres, contact etc!!!

  21. Hi Katie,

    This website is not not affiliated with Lexus, if you’re looking to contact Mark Templin I suggest visiting the Lexus USA website.

    Best of luck!