New Lexus LF-A Roadster Concept Video from Autospies

More Lexus LF-A Roadster Concept Video

More video of the LF-A Roadster Concept shown at the Detroit Auto Show has emerged, this time up it’s Autospies, with an interview with Lexus event manager Brian Bolain(no video embedding, click here to watch the video.)

I really believed that this concept was something that would fast-track to production, perhaps as part of a simultaneous release with the LF-A coupe, but Brian Bolain was quick to discourage any such thought. Instead, the LF-A Roadster still has to go through the “standard design process”, and it could be years before it’s available. Not the best news, really.

Still, I think there’s more to this than what’s been said. While the LF-A Roadster may still be years away, there is a certain model in the Lexus lineup that could utilize much of the same styling…



  1. Please, please make the next SC look like this!!!!  However there is this conundrum, the ever waiting for IS coupe/convertible(?), next gen SC (coupe only model also?  convertible only?), and then the LF-A.  Which one will come out first?  Or will none come out before the hybrid-only model is debuted, and the next RX comes?

    Rumors are the SC 430 is being kept around for longer, I wish they’d at least give SmartAccess….the LS 430 version would be fine…and next-gen NAVI.

  2. I don’t know, I can’t see much point in putting the effort into a convertible IS when the SC has been languishing for so long.

    Something needs to be done with this poor model, and I really believe this Roadster Concept is indicative of something, especially when Bolain claims it wouldn’t see production for years. Why show a convertible version of a concept car you’ve been displaying for over three years, only to turn around and say it’s nowhere near release?

    I really think this is the new SC.

  3. That is, I think the new SC will look very similar. I certainly don’t see it being released with a V10.

  4. One thing is, when LF-A I was at the LA Auto Show, the floor reps were giving the same exact line Mr. Bolain said, “we are gauging reaction and that will factor into a possible future model.”

    Sometimes I wonder if Lexus Japan is keeping all the details secret and even Lexus USA doesn’t have full knowledge of the details.  Mr. Bolain is their marketing rep in the US, for sure one can consider that the LF-A Roadster’s appearance at the show was kept quite secret, although some spy pics did surface months ago of a camouflaged model.

  5. One thing I noticed on the LF-A Roadster Concept was the presence of the F logo. Now, if the F series is really going to be similar to BMW’s M and Mercedes’ AMG, it stands to reason that non-souped up version would exist.

    Just thinking out loud, here…