Flickr Find: Lexus IS Tail Lights

There’s so many different ways to photograph a car, there’s the scenic shots, the speed shots, the close-ups, and once and a while, you get something a bit more expressive. This photograph by Flickr user AlieN is a good illustration of this:

Lexus IS Tail Lights

I’m a big fan of symmetry, so this appealed to me right off the bat, but the photo’s description made me laugh, outlining a game that I play daily:

In most cases these red dots, frames, rectangles, lines, shapes are unique for each and every type and if you pay attention you can see that they are telling you something. Like “I’m a big van”, “I’m a fat hatchback” or “I’m a slim coupé”. It is part of the design. Many times when I’m bored on a highway I try to figure out from the distance what car is that in front and then I check my guess when I get closer and recognize the actual type. (Of course you can play the same game with the headlights)

Personally, I find the headlight version of this game much more difficult — From a distance, in the dark, it’s incredibly difficult to identify a car from its front lights, it’s much easier with the rear red lights.



  1. Haha I play the exact same game(s), and I thought I was probably the only one who does that. Glad to know that there are others who enjoy similar activities when bored on the highway.

  2. It’s a game I play frequently with my girlfriend, I’ve even considering making up a scorecard for longer trips.