Lexus LS 460 Lane Keep Assist Video Demonstration

The Lane Keep Assist feature, which effectively locks you into a highway lane, may only available on the European & Asian Lexus LS, but it’s incredibly effective, at least in the context of this video:

I’m of two minds with this feature. You can never discount added safety, but the movement towards automated driving makes me nervous. At least it doesn’t work if you remove your hands from the steering wheel.



  1. Thanks for linking to my video here. I find the LKA to be a mainly stress reducing feature on long highway journeys. I find that on curves, it tends to react even before I plan to start turning the wheel slightly. The result is that I reach my destination fresher than I otherwise might have. The system works well even at night so long as the road markings are fairly clear.

  2. Great video and very helpful.

    Lane-keep assist system is a good feature for those who have to drive long-distance (200K+).

    I am considering a 2010 Lexus HS 250h and apparently this system will be included.

  3. You’re correct, Terry, this feature will be an option on the new HS.

  4. This will make driving home drunk a whole lot easier and safer.


  5. This is very incredible, however, it upsets me that it isn’t available in the UAE. Would anyone know whether or not the driver monitoring system is available in the UAE, for those who unfamiliar, the UAE is in the Middle East.

  6. As I mentioned in a previous comment, the Middle East LS460 is missing a few significant features seen in other markets like N.America :-
    - Air suspension
    - Automatic parking
    - Adaptive cruise control
    - Driver monitor
    - Lane Keep Assist
    - Steering heater
    - Lexus Link
    - 380 bhp V8 ( UAE only has 342 bhp )
    Also the locally printed brochures in the UAE are totally lame compared to the US & Japanese ones.