Spy Shots: 2010 Lexus GX 470/4Runner?

2009/2010 Lexus GX 470

Leftlane News has posted spy shots of either the 2009 Toyota 4Runner or the 2010 Lexus GX, you can take your guess picking which.

In all honesty, with those extended tail lights, it looks more like a transformer in mid-change — a very effective camouflage job, indeed. The rear looks widened, and even a bit longer, but it could just be a result of the tarp.

2009/2010 Lexus GX 470



  1. This spy shot has to be of the lexus because the back window of the vehicle is fixed, like the gx 470 is now. The 4runner will probably be following tradition and have a rear window that moves up and own.

  2. lexusnoitall: Good eye!

  3. Good morning ,
    I'd like to be inform . When a RX model will be available with 7 seats ?
    Bonjour ,
    Je vais bientôt changer mon véhicule et je voudrai savoir quand un 4X4 hybride et surtout 7 places (5 + 2 places) sera disponible sur le marché Français ; y a-t-il des projets ?

  4. Hello Catry,

    Considering that you posted this under this GX post, I’m going assume that’s the vehicle you were talking about. The GX can seat up to eight passengers if you select the third-row seating option.

  5. Dear Lexus,

    What’s up with all the ugly rear lights and rear bumper you’re putting on your new models? Lexus, you can do a better job! ABSOULTELY UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ok i think u ppl r confused….this looks like a LX model more than a GX….......like wtf….....such a giant suv….........the rescet GX is so small, and nice this is just….FIIN BIGG

  7. Anonymous said:

    “Dear Lexus,

    What’s up with all the ugly rear lights and rear bumper you’re putting on your new models? Lexus, you can do a better job! ABSOULTELY UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    The tailights are clearly those of the current LX and GS. So they’re probably not going to leave it like this.

  8. You guys just stupid ???!!!, .....they put those lights just to make you confuse about new look of the car ..

  9. They made it like that so you will not know what exactly the 2010 Lexus GX. Lets wait and see when they release the final design.

  10. У меня 470 2007г. Доволен. Не дождусь выпуска новой модели 2010г.

  11. Я согласен, это великий автомобиль новым или старым. Спасибо за размещение в страстной погоне!

  12. you think the gx is cool check out the lx 570 is hella cool. rufus man, rufus! global superfery is coming!

  13. i have to say its a toyota.look at the wheelbase. a lexus wheelbase always slightly budges out to give a curved feel.this is a flat wheelbase like the 4runner.

  14. im just wondering why the person who took this photo didn’t snap a shot of the front?!there’s no camo on the front, it could easily reveal either lexus or toyota.

  15. it is a lexus but notice that is a 5 lug rim. looks like a lexus land cruise thing

  16. This definitely fits into the expectation that the new GX would be styled as a “mini-LX”.

  17. I think this can be ruled out as the next GX. It appears to me this was an LX 570 test mule.
    Several reasons:
    1) The exhaust pipe is on the left. So is the LX 570. (GX is on right)
    2) The fuel door is on the right. So is the LX 570 (The only Lexus on the right in recent years - GX is on left)
    3) The wiper is exactly the same as a current LX 570
    4) The 3rd brake light is identical to LX 570
    5) 5-lug wheels like LX 570. GX has 6-lug wheels
    6) Sway bar links/ some sort of link hanging down just inboard of the rear wheels, just like LX 570.

  18. I wouldn’t disagree with you—I haven’t looked at these spy shots in ages, and it just looks too big to be the GX.

  19. This is not the new GX, but a camo LX570.  Look at the shape of the doors, the overall length, and the location of the exhaust.

  20. Agreed.

  21. Hummm you seem right about the rear window being fixed, thats strange since I was told the new GX was going to have a power rear window like the Toyota 4Runner, Land Cruiser & Sienna

  22. Another possibility is that this isn’t the next-gen GX at all, but a camouflaged LX (These photos are from before the LX 570’s release).

  23. lexus cars has a long life better than ugly like gmc and ford chevy. lexus always be the best. any **** got problem with lexus make your car . i wish that they could show us the front . lexus suv is for big balls not for window shoppers.  i will going to buy the new gx 2010

  24. Krew, I found that Toyota registered the trademark GX 460. Though they did it 2 years ago, it could be true. Take a look.


  25. :o you never fail to amuse me…

  26. Well guys this spy-cam shot is a Toyota Land Cruiser, because the new one looks exactially the same! This cannot be the new GX. I also agree with you Brendan.

  27. It’s lexus GX 450. In Japan it’s prado.
    Here is some its pictures:

  28. Mohammed Rashid AlShamsi

    i bought a lexus LX570 from Bahwan agency in Aburaimi in Sultanat of Oman by Danah Tade Office in AbuDhabi in the UAE and i found like a bad polish but when I focus I notice that it is a scratch in the right side in three places one above the door, the second in the middle, the third in the backe of the car. And this scratch apears as if it is inside the paint ( between the paint and the locker ) so you can see by focusing but you cannot touch it.
    I took the car for the first checking 1000km and I told them about it and they said thhat they will try to make a polish for it then it will go. After they made a polish for the car that scratch apear clearly then they told me take the car to the sell guy in the Danah Trade who asked to take the car to the workshop to make a report for it.
    After one week I called them and they told me that they called Muscat agency who gave them the approve to paint my car and I said how come are you going to paint my car while its new. And I asked them to bring an expert and they refuse. I told them its my right to give me my money back or give me a new and perfect car. And they refuse by saying that they will solve the problem by painting the car only because this scratch is not clear and it should not bother me while I paid 315000DH.
    Furthermore, I asked them to give me the direct website to talke to you or the middle east manager’s number to contact directly with them and they refuse.
    By the way my car is a new one and I still drove just 3640km.
    Please help me or give me a solution because I didn’t buy a new car which around 150000 US$ to find a scratch in it.
    MY connect number 00971506726999
    Chassis No JTJHY00W494024613
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    Traffic Plait No 93578 AbuDhabi UAE red

  29. Dealers can be quite stubborn like that sometimes.

    You’re really going to have to get climb up the ladder to reach someone… (Sorry Krew, but I think you’re the best candidate to get some attention.)

  30. Hello Mohammed,

    This is a Lexus enthusiast website, and is not affiliated with Lexus in any way. My recommendation is contact Lexus through their website.