Comparison: Lexus LS 600h vs. Mercedes S420 CDI vs. BMW 745d

The Lexus LS 600h, Mercedes S420 CDI, and BMW 745d

I would have thought that Auto Motor Und Sport’s comparison test of the Lexus LS 460 vs. Volkswagen Phaeton would be hard to beat in terms of bias, but they’ve outdone themselves, their comparison of the Lexus LS 600h vs. BMW 745d vs. Mercedes S420 CDI is a absolute gem.

Posted on Autospies, the bulk of the review sadly goes untranslated, but allow me to share the more salient points:

Interior Ergonomics and User Friendliness

  • BMW 20/25
  • Lexus 17/25
  • Mercedes 24/25


  • BMW 20/25
  • Lexus 17/25
  • Mercedes 24/25

Active Safety Features

  • BMW 11/20
  • Lexus 11/20
  • Mercedes 14/20

Resale Outlook

  • BMW 7/10
  • Lexus 1/10
  • Mercedes 8/10

I understand the criticism of the LS 600h’s lack of trunk space, and sure, the gas mileage is a sore spot, but low scores in comfort, ergonomics and safety? Absolutely ridiculous.

However, my absolute favorite has to be the resale outlook, where the LS 600h scored a 1/10. Please, Auto Motor Und Sport, tell me how long it will be before I can get this $100,000 car for $10,000? I’ll even travel to Germany to pick it up.



  1. This review stands in stark contrast to for instance the Consumer Reports one and others which put the LS first in ergonomics.  Moreover, Germany’s Auto Bild found that the LS 460 beat the S500 in safety:

    However Auto Bild later felt the S500 beat the LS 460 in an overall comparison.

  2. talk about the most biased review ever.

  3. I’m really interested to know how much more of its professionalism that Auto Motor Und Sport is willing to damage.

  4. Hokit: Just wait until they get their hands on an IS-F! Strangely enough, I’m almost looking forward to it.

  5. If you won’t be able to get a ls600h for 10,000$ after about 5 to 6 years from now, I’ll eat MY two skiing hats and my NEIGHBORS fury hat also. There’s just no way that this amount of technology and complex ed transmission system will work without problems after that time.

  6. So either I get an LS 600h for $10,000 or you eat three hats?

    That sounds remarkably like a win/win to me. wink

  7. we’ll see about that wink

  8. Haha—this still makes me laugh.


  9. THIS IS BULL!!!! how is a bmw more comfortable than a jet class Lexus?! what safety? what ergonomics? let me gues…the people who did this review were in germany…typical

  10. lol
    I think they’ve driven the 7 many times before this test.
    All auto critics get used to the layout of the 7’s interior after testing it for hundreds of miles. I know ‘cause I own one smile

    The new LS kinda has too many buttons. The engineers were probably lost between choosing physical buttons or complicating the GPS.

    Once you have driven either vehicle for awhile, you’d find the iDrive to be much more convenient. That is why I always sweat when they compare the new 7 to the LS.

    When is the facelift coming?!?!?!

  11. This is definitely one of those classic Auto Motor Und Sport reviews, they’re worse than Motor Trend! wink

  12. let’s say they are nuts

    that’s why the man must be fair