Consumer Reports Comparison: The Lexus LS 460L vs. The Mercedes S550

The Lexus LS 460L vs. The Mercedes S550

In their November issue, Consumer Reports has compared the Lexus LS 460L and Mercedes S550, which the LS 460L handily won, scoring 99/100 versus 86/100 for the S550.

While I certainly wouldn’t argue with the outcome of their comparison, I think Consumer Reports has gone off the deep-end, listen to this logic:

The Lexus LS 460h easily outscored the Mercedes S550 in CR’s tests of the ultra-luxury cruisers. Both cars provide the highest levels of comfort, quietness, roominess, and luxury features. The Mercedes had more agile handling, better steering feel, and a slight edge in ride comfort and acceleration. But its score was hurt by its much lower fuel economy (21 mpg in the Lexus vs. 17 mpg in the Mercedes) and complicated controls that can be frustrating to use.

Think about this, the S550, according to CR, has better handling, steering, ride comfort and acceleration, yet the LS 460L scored 99/100, which is essentially perfect. I’m as big a Lexus enthusiast as anyone, but that’s just not right.

(I’m sure that price (the base S550 is $26,000 more expensive) and reliability came into play, but it went unmentioned in the press release.)

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  1. Yes, the press release seems to mention more areas where the Mercedes had an edge, while giving both top scores for comfort, quietness, roominess, and luxury features.

    However, I believe that there wewre other factors where the LS did better, hence the 99 out of 100 score.

  2. I think my main issue, and I should have put it in the post, is that no car should be hitting such a high mark in testing, it’s unnatural. 95, 97, maybe, but 99?

    A small difference, sure, but those last five points should be the hardest to get.

  3. I agree, krew. As much as I love the LS, its styling is still classic (fans are welcome to use refined), and it has issues with wind noise that require a TSB. Not a 99.

  4. The Benz beat the Lexus in every important category.
    Build Quality
    Reliability/Quality yes thats right (The S class tied with the Audi A8 for most reliable premium luxury sedan in Jd power associates.

  5. As I always say, to each their own. smile

  6. Reliability available in a Mercedes Benz.  My S430 missed out on that option.

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  8. LEXUSaddictReturns

    they dont mention the mercedes flaws because its a “big famous car”...pfft…german engineering sucks…when a c class crashes and becomes a lemon in 4 months ill zip by in my IS and laugh at their face

  9. LEXUSaddictReturns retard


    enjoy your bargain bin toyota then. IS doors feel like trash, less leg room, and it just LOOKS like trash.

  10. @LEXUSaddictReturns retard: wwoww there. Now don’t even force it. the C class looks alright, I’ll give u that but the reliability and quality of German cars are horrible. THAT’S a TRUE FACT. the IS looks like trash? Not so much.
    It’s Christmas Eve anyways so I don’t want anyone to start an argument. Just don’t even reply. thank you.

    BTW. Happy Holidays. winkraspberry:-D