New Lexus VP of Marketing Announced

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In the wake of Deborah Wahl Meyer’s departure from Lexus to join Chrysler, Lexus has kept it all in the family, announcing a management shuffle that sees David Nordstrom, formerly the VP of Toyota Financial Services product and marketing, filling the vacant spot:

Nordstrom will be responsible for all marketing activities for the Lexus Division. Nordstrom will report to Jim Farley, group vice president and general manager, Lexus Division.

Since joining TFS in 1990, Nordstrom has held numerous key management positions including corporate manager of product, remarketing and brand, and regional manager of TFS’ Western Region.

A domino effect ensued, seeing Mike Wells, formerly VP and General Manager of the San Francisco region, taking Nordstrom’s old position, and Tom Devany moving up to the spot vacated by Wells.

Too bad the press release stopped at Devany, it would have been fun to type out the full-on job shuffle!

[Source: Earthtimes]



  1. Media Response to new marketing campaign 2008/09

    Can I just share with you my thoughts on recent Christmas Ad’s for LEXUS, it would appear everything is coming up X. I was a bit shocked as my beloved toys were heralded. Could it be….it is retro/old school to recall lore of the big Wheel, Atari and the myriad Artificial trees of the 70’s and 80’s. In seeing Lexus’ clear call to all thirty something’s to buy, buy and buy. As the MTV generation reminds others they were birthed in all things disposable and pop-ish, you will see more overt generational shout out’s. Now that generation X are now in their 30’s and early 40’s.

    We traded in our roller blades for SUV’s and Face book. We have kept our love of video games but now many have opted to teach our children as we put off child bearing well into our mid 30’s and early 40’s (Kidman & Berry). Alternatively many have just decided on holding off becoming parents at all in hopes of elongating their narcissist tendencies and craving for freedom of labels, many are now childless DINK’s as presented in the recent run of Lexus’ commercials for their year end sale.

    Who would have thought nearing middle age looked so good, just so you know Jennifer Anniston is turning 40’....God bless our Buster culture, it would appear media finally realized the Thirteenth Gen., Regan Generation, Xer’s..or what ever label us grew up some time ago.

    Martin Cline 39

    Seattle WA

  2. wow
    you really got me thinking

    Did you get that “turning 40 but still looking pretty” from ET on CBS? lol
    amazing how many of the Hollywood stars are born in the same year

  3. I liked the “childish DINKs” part.