Lexus U.S. Open Commercial: Road Trip

The final Lexus commercial from the US Open has just appeared on the Internet, courtesy of my favorite Youtuber, bbakshow:

Surprising as it may be, people searching for this commercial have made up an significant percentage of my traffic since launch, and I’m very happy to have found it. Being my first time seeing it, I can see how it could capture a golfer’s imagination.

When I posted about the making of this commercial almost two months ago after discovering an image on Flickr, I was lucky enough to have Bob Gunning, the general manager of the golf course featured in the commercial, post up some details:

I’m the General Manager of Longniddry Golf Club in East Lothian, Scotland where some of the GS450 commercial featuring the guy who drives around in the rain trying to find a golf course was filmed. As you can see from the photos in the News section of our website, the producers brought their own rain-making equipment even though it was raining at the time! The commercial also featured the iconic 13th hole at The Glen Golf Club in North Berwick.

So there we have it, the video is posted, I’ve filled in the blanks, and my virtual road trip is now over.

Update: The music for this commercial, which many of you have been interested in, is performed by Jimmy Haun, and is called Yellow and Blues. You can download it from his Myspace page.



  1. who is the artist used in the Lexus road trip golf ad and what is the title of the song?

  2. Liv: I’m on the trail to find this information for you, the minute I get a definitive word, I’ll let you know.

  3. That’s why I came to your blog: to find this commercial. I find the music to be enchanting. Thank you.

  4. I’ve found the music via It is by a guitarist named Jimmy Haun and it is his song “Yellow Blues.” here is his myspace:



  5. Thanks so much for the info, Emily! I’ve updated the post to include the song info.

  6. Just saw a new version of this commercial and immediately noticed the Glen Golf Club’s 13th hole in the last segment because my friends and I just got back from playing there.

    An interesting tidbit: the tee for the 13th, which is a par 3 is located BEHIND the hole from the angle the commercial is filmed at. The golfer in the commercial is teeing off from the one of the walking paths in the cliffs that border the 14th hole, a long uphill Par 4.

  7. @MikeyGBall: You saw a different version of this commercial than the one posted above? Well, that’s interesting!

    Neat backstory, so the course doesn’t involve having to hit across a cliff? A bit sad, that.

  8. Anyone know why the video was pulled?
    Or where I can see it?
    I can’t find it on You Tube, either.


  9. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of it. I’ll definitely update the post if I come across it again.