Flickr Find: Lexus ES 300 with Scissor Doors

Flickr user anlee took in the Everton Family Freedom Festival on July 4th, and managed to snap off a photo of a heavily modded ES 300, complete with scissor-doors:

Lexus ES 300 with Gull Wings

I guess dropping the frame, upping the wheels, getting the custom paint job and snapping on a body kit just wasn’t enough. (Not sure about that front bumper, it looks enormous!)



  1. the front.. sik
    the back.. i can't see
    the doors… effing sik
    the whole thing

    sik sik siksik sik siksik sik siksik sik siksik sik siksik sik siksik sik siksik sik siksik sik siksik sik siksik sik sik

  2. Glad you liked it, sina!

  3. hey that looks amazing!
    where can i find a similar body kit for my 1999 ES300?

  4. Damm dude what size are the rims? what have u done to the engine?

  5. Damm bro looks sik i have a 2001 es 300 but black and thinking of pimpin it 2

  6. I think it looks sick too…as in “sick to my stomach!”
    No accounting for some ppls taste. To think, this was once a classy looking car. Now it’s a ricey looking POS.

  7. hello.
    dang your car look sick.. even though i cant see the back it seems to be cool, i have one stock and idk where to find bodykit, spoiler, etc.. 
    i was thinkin about sellin mine cause i couldnt fin any custom pieces for it but i see you can make it look cool..

    do you have any int picz?

    theres my mail if you could contact me


  8. Hi Rychee,

    I don’t think the owner of this car checks this page, this was a photo I found on Flickr. Sorry about that!

  9. im gettin a 99 ES300 dont know how much those lambo doors are but i want em.

  10. If I want model my car as like the same, how much it cost me to do that?

  11. Very hard to say, sochea, I’m not sure how I could break it down. Best to pick one thing and go from there.

  12. Whats the bodykits name, and how much does it cost?

  13. yo fella, that ride is real cool. my wife has one maybe you could give me an idea or two ,great job keep it up.LOL