Do Not Try This

Warning: This is not for the faint of heart.

In a bid for first place in the “Stupidest thing you can do with a Lexus” contest, an absolutely insane Saudi Arabian teenager decided to drive 150/mph in an LS 430 LX 470 at night…all while sitting in the backseat. Don’t believe me? Turn down your speakers and watch:

I had to fight myself to watch the whole thing, and instead focused on the little details, the plastic wrap on the seats, the brightness of the interior light, just anything not concentrate on the actual events transpiring. How could this even be possible, wouldn’t the car eventually veer to one side?

Beyond comprehension.



  1. this seems fake.  An LX470 cannot do 150mph!  If this were in a Lexus I would guess its in the new LS460 since there is an optional laser guidance system that actually stays within the lines of a roadway.  It slowly veers from left to right and if it does cross a line it knows to go back inside the lines.  Otherwise this is just insane.

  2. It does seem fake. A lexus lx470 cannot do 150mph, but it is a new lexus lx470 as you could tell by the doors

  3. Firstly, its 150km/h not MPH. LS460 using its laser guidence would do this easily except for the fact that all laser guidence practically shuts down after 120km/h due to safety recommendations… i would say this video is fake….but none the less….crazy idea..

  4. it is an lx470, i know this because we own one, second he is going 180km/h because its saudi arabia n it has middle east specifications and i know that because we own one and its top speed is 220km/h

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  6. It definitely seems fake, I’ve sent an email to the user that posted it on Youtube to find out more.

    Hopefully, he’ll be able to answer our questions.

  7. it is not fake smile be sure a bout that

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  9. This is DEFINITELY an lx470. And it is Km/h not Mp/h. As most of the world, just about every country uses Km/h, including Saudi Arabia. having been to the middle east I can say that the Gulf Arabs (saudis) are obsessed with there LX470. They turbo charge it, supercharge it, do everthing to it… i don’t know why lx470 but they love lx470.