Unaired ES350 Commercial Discovered on Youtube

I stumbled upon this never used Lexus ad for the ES350:

How totally bizarre.

As for background info, it was created by Walter Robot, an animation studio in Orange County, California, and was to be a series of commercials featuring the full Lexus lineup.

The idea, according to Christopher Louie, one of the principals, “was based around the concept of these faux retro educational videos—the kind you watched in like middle school science class on a projector.”

He was unable to say exactly why the spot wasn’t used, but considering the rather somber tone of recent Lexus ads, a little humor might have been a welcome change.



  1. Ex DARPA Brilliant Warrior/ROBOT

    Walter Robot…is he related to Rosie of the JETSON’s perhaps?
    How’s the DARPA deals going?  Torture any innocent women and children lately?  (Federal Register Vol 67 No. 86 May 2002)...Washington Post William Arkin May 12, 2006 “Early Warning”, USAF 2025, HAARP, istpp.org Dr. Hegelin “Manual for a Perfect Gov’t”, google HITLER/NAZI’s/Dr. Mengele/MKULTRA/AF Project ORION…

  2. Not really sure what you’re talking about, friend.

  3. Michael Morrison

    Christopher Louie is the bomb. His game is so tight yo! I love this vid. When I sleep at night I will be dreaming I was this good at thinking and stuff